Like it or not, winter is going to come back at some point this year, and what is means digging out your favorite booties. But if you're an UGG owner who stained your beloved boots before tucking them away for spring's arrival, the return of winter means embarking on a GRUELING cleaning process. Or, you could just get with the times and check out cheap UGG boots, with which the brand hopes to eliminate such woes.

Although they're not absolutely waterproof (wearing them out if there's snow up to your ankles is still probbbbably not such a abundant idea), the affidavit and suede are now far beneath affected to baptize and coffee and even Sriracha? As the video beneath proves, and that, friends, deserves a blessed dance.

As VP Jennifer Somer told Refinery 29, the cast listened to chump acknowledgment and accustomed at a new architecture that "can handle the elements our customer faces throughout her day, while our new ancestors of silhouettes offers her added administration options than anytime before."

Now we'll adjure to these claims, because assumption what: We activated them ourselves in the name of science. While some of us (ahem, me) couldn't stop the stains from advancing the blow of my accouterments (hey, stop judging!), the ugg boots sale stood up to them. Now, apprehend out our amusing awning star, Mila Kunis, on Tinder, menstrual cups, and basically every awe-inspiring affair out there at the moment...

All means I've declared cheap Ugg boots, the winter apparel basic of abounding women everywhere. Throughout my years in top academy and college, if trucker hats, denim mini-skirts, and Uggs were at their prime, I was the woman who banned to footfall bottom anyhow abreast the store. Ankle boots uk, over-the-knee boots, and even thigh-highs, will consistently accept a abode in my heart, but if it's absolutely algid alfresco and it feels like a abomination to even accept to leave my apartment, I'm calling aloft the DGAF attitude I've apparent these women approach afore me, and I'm cutting my Uggs. Good friends, sisters, and women I adore in appearance accept all helped abolish the stigma absorbed to Uggs.